Q: Do I have to put each letter on individually?
A: The vinyl letters come pre-spaced so that you can apply the letters all at once.

Q: Will the vinyl work on any surface?
A: Vinyl letters will stick to any smooth or lightly textured surface. For example: walls, wood, smooth metal, glass, and most floor tiles.

Q: What if I need to remove the lettering from my wall?
A: To remove, heat the lettering with a blow dryer. Once the vinyl is warm, use your fingernail or tweezers to lift one of the corners. Gently pull the vinyl lettering off. Some darker paints will fade over time due to sun exposure. This causes the area under the letters to be darker than the surrounding wall color.

Q: How do I determine the height of the vinyl lettering?
A: The height is determined by measuring the tallest point and the lowest point of the phrase. For example, a phrase that says, "Always Kiss Me Goodnight", would be measured from the top of the capital 'A' in 'Always' to the bottom of the 'y' in 'Always'

Q: Can I reuse my vinyl after removing it?
A: No. Once the vinyl has been used on one surface, it should not be removed and used again.

Q: What is an overlay?
A: The term "overlay" is used to describe a vinyl quotation that is applied over another one. For example, you may have the word "HOME" in 6 inch vinyl with the phrase "is where your story begins" in 3 inch vinyl on top.