Installing Vinyl Lettering

Rub a credit card or application stick gently over the vinyl lettering or vinyl designs to make sure they will stick to the transfer tape.

Position your vinyl accurately, measuring from the actual vinyl rather than from the backing paper. Use masking tape to tape the top corners of the paper to the surface you are applying the vinyl to.

Flip up the lettering (upside down) without removing it from the wall. Peel off the white backing slowly and carefully. Make sure all designs and lettering are sticking to the clear transfer tape!

Let the vinyl and clear transfer tape slowly fall back into place on your wall.

Using the edge of your credit card or application stick rub over the entire design again. Work from the center towards the edges to remove any air bubbles.

Slowly and carefully remove the clear transfer tape, beginning in the upper right corner and working at an angle. If any letters are difficult, just use your application stick to help them transfer to the wall.